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Separations & Distillation

ICM pilot plant has multiple types and sizes of separation equipment.  Flow paths can be customized to use the types and sizes of equipment best suited for your process.  These include centrifuges, membrane filtration, and mechanical filtrations.​

  • Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter with Pre-coat

    • Full scale and PDU sizes​

  • Rotary Press

    • Full Scale and PDU sizes​

  • Disc Stack Centrifuge

    • 0-80 gpm​

  • Horizontal Filtration/Washing Centrifuge

    • 0-40 gpm​

  • Z23 Tricanter​

    • PDU scale 0-14 gpm


  • Membrane Filter

    • GEA Model R pilot plant that will accept standard 4” spiral round membranes, as well as ceramic and stainless steel membranes.

    • Andritz Filter Press

  • 1200mm X 1200 mm chamber filter press with cake squeezing and washing capability

  • Distillation

    • ~36” diameter beer column with drilled trays and direct steam heating

    • ~36” diameter rectifier column with structured packing with reboiler