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Our Work

We truly care about our customers and their success drives us to produce impeccable results. Our goal is to provide a customer solution that meets all expectations on time while providing individualized service. Customers are welcome to participate in their projects on site in our team-oriented work environment.


Our facility is conveniently located 30 minutes from the Kansas City International Airport. 



The City of St. Joseph, MO offers many restaurants and historically significant activities, including 13 museums. http://www.stjomo.com/

Success Stories

We are proud to have helped over 50 companies/associations achieve success with their projects. We are very flexible in our capability to help you achieve your goals.  Please bring your ideas to us and we can help to make your goals a reality.



Research and scale up of corn to isobutanol process.







Research and production of dodecanedioic acid. 





NARA (Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance)


Cellulosic fermentation and production of isobutanol.






Research and scale up of genetically modified glucoamylase enzyme producing yeast.






Collaboration and research of cellulosic enzymes.





Technical assistance for Novozyme’s Avantec® enzyme.






Collaboration, research, and scale-up of C5 and C6 sugar fermenting yeast for use in ICM’s Generation 1.5 Corn Fiber to Cellulosic Ethanol™ process.





Fournier Industries, Inc.

Collaboration, research, scale-up and commercialization of Fiber Separation Technology™.



Customer Testimonials

“I am a consultant in the field of fluid agitation. In that capacity, I have worked with ICM for more than 8 years, both in developing their own processes and helping with toll development with client customers. ICM’s facility is very large and complete as pilot plants go. Some processes, such as those involving fibrous materials and aerobic fermentation, benefit from large scale testing. The extra cost of testing in large equipment is quickly recouped by being able to more accurately design production equipment. Moreover, ICM has a philosophy of being very thorough, testing the limits of a process so that those limits are discovered in the pilot plant rather than in the production plant. That leads to a low risk of field modification requirements in the production plant.”


– Gregory T. Benz, President,

Benz Technology International, Inc.



“Over the past 2 years I have worked on 3 projects at the ICMTD facility.  In my experience I have found the facility to be generally comprehensive with the ability to adapt to the changing environment of research projects.  The overall quality of personnel has been very good, with a good attitude to work with me toward the goal of solving my issues and problems.    The commitment of the whole team from management to technicians to my projects was noteworthy.”


– Robert J. Wooley, PhD,

PE, Consulting Engineer



“ICM's St. Joseph Pilot Plant was the site of Gevo’s first isobutanol technology demonstration.  ICM's engineering and technology development teams joined with Gevo's team to build the pilot plant recovery technology in just a few months.  The St Joseph fermentation capabilities were then combined with the isobutanol recovery equipment to successfully demonstrate the integrated isobutanol technology in 2010 less than a year after agreeing to pursue the project with Gevo.  ICM's technology development team demonstrated a can-do attitude resulting in the project success.

More impressive is to watch the continual stream of new technology coming out of ICM's developmental process and achieving successful commercial implementation in many dry mill ethanol facilities.  Technologies including oil separation, Selective Milling Technology™, Fiber Separation Technology™, over the past 8 years, very, very impressive productivity and innovation.”


– David Glassner, President,

GRE Consulting (former Executive Vice President, Technology, Gevo)


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Process for Producing Cellulosic Biofuel (Gen 1.5)


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