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Our Team

Jeremy Javers

Director of Technology Development


Oversees development of technology from idea concept, to lab, to pilot, to commercial scale implementation. Focuses on developing innovative ways to make ethanol production even more efficient and advancing the biofuels industry.  Inventor of ICM Patents. B.S. Chemistry - Dakota State University; Ph.D. Microbiology - South Dakota State University.

Rick Brunner

Associate Scientist

Microbiologist (B.S. Norwich University, MS Minnesota State University) well versed in microbiology from bench top to pilot scale.  Coordinates pilot plant operations, lab support and data analysis.  Supervises a diverse array of projects ranging from aerobic fermentation to converting wood into isobutanol.

Theron Cooper

Principal Scientist

ICM Technology Development Starch Team Lead with an extensive 18 year background in ethanol industry ranging from plant laboratory management, plant management, operations troubleshooting, statistical process control, data management, and plant optimizations.  Involved in the development and technical support of ICM technologies ranging from protein and oil extractions, anaerobic fermentations with GMO organisms, and Fiber Separation Technology™ since 2007. Inventor of ICM Patents. B.S. Biology, Chemistry Minor - Northern State University, Aberdeen SD.

Brandon Emme

Principal Scientist

Chemical Engineer (B.S. University of Colorado) with over 23 years working in the biotechnology/specialty chemical field.  Team Lead overseeing technology partnering, development and commercialization activities in the cellulosic sugars/ethanol process.  Technical specialties in enzyme applications, fermentation, separations, solids processing/drying and granulation. Inventor of Patents in multiple industries.

Chris Gerken

Senior Scientist

Specialist with 10 years of experience in pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis of biomass materials. Background with organic synthesis and identification, nanomaterials, heat transfer fluids, and lubricants. Current area of focus related to process scale up, equipment integration, and data modeling. Inventor of ICM Patents. B.S. Chemistry - South Dakota School of Mines.

Ed Guifoyle

Senior Project Manager

Over 12 years of onsite construction management experience in multiple ethanol plants.  Responsible for creating project budgets, schedules, and overall project plan.  Tracks project schedule and budget during execution as well as ensuring resources are properly allocated. B.S. Construction Science and Management – Kansas State University.

Ryan Hoefling

Technology Development Laboratory Manager

Oversees ICM’s state-of-the-art laboratory from bench chemistry and microbiology to analytical analysis, ensuring accurate and problem-solving results from lab to industrial scale.  Inventor of ICM Patents. Ten years of industry experience with a background in analytical instrumentation, chemistry and biology.  B.S. Chemical Business – Missouri Western State University.

Jon Licklider

Pilot Plant Supervisor

Operations specialist with over 12 years of experience in corn processing and ethanol production.  Ensures accurate and efficient execution of pilot plant testing to meet customer needs. Inventor of ICM Patent. B.S. Mechanical Engineering – University of Missouri-Rolla.

Jackie Lissolo

Technology Development Program Manager

Compliance specialist with over 15 years of experience in the feed manufacturing and ethanol production industries.  Ensures compliance with FDA regulations for animal feed and compliance with EPA regulations regarding genetically modified organisms. B.S. Feed Science and Management and B.S. Animal Science – Kansas State University.  

Ryan Mass

Feed Business Manager

14 years of experience as practicing animal feeding and nutrition consultant. Leads the development of ICM’s approach to the animal nutrition marketplace. Inventor of Patent. B.S. Animal Science- Iowa State University; Ph.D. Animal Nutrition – University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

John McNeely

Associate Scientist

Ensures accurate project execution through pilot plant, laboratory, and data analysis. Five years of industry experience along with 12 additional years of laboratory and management experience.  Proficient in analytical analysis, data analysis and troubleshooting of various processes. B.S. Nutritional Science – University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Jesse Spooner

Pilot Plant Engineer

Develops technological packages that can be taken forward to more detailed engineering efforts.  Has assisted in the development of many internal ICM projects.  Previous experience in construction, start-up, and operation of starch to ethanol plants, including RINS registration, retrofits, add-ons, and production improvements with over 10 years of experience in the biofuels and related agri-business sector.  B.S. Chemical Engineering – Colorado School of Mines.

Kelley Weber

Lead Senior Pilot Plant Operator

Provides management and training of pilot plant operations staff to ensure first-rate execution of pilot work. Ten years’ experience in ethanol plant and ICM pilot plant operations.

Technology Advisor 

Greg Benz

President - Benz Technology International, Inc.

A registered Professional Engineer in Ohio, with over 40 years’ experience in the design of agitation systems, specializing in fermentation and bioreactors. Has designed more than 150 fermenter agitators, as well as many polymer and advanced biofuel agitation systems. Benz Technology International performs agitation, mixing and bioreactor design consultation, including equipment specification and bid evaluation. BSChE - University of Cincinnati.