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Drying & Evaporation

ICM Pilot facility has commercially relevant evaporation capacity.  All of the evaporation units are designed and built to the same specifications as commercially operating designs.  With the varying sizes of falling film evaporators, there is a large degree of turndown.  We have relationships with equipment vendors to design and rent systems to meet your needs.

We have spray drying at two distinct scales.  The larger pilot scale dryer uses a two phase atomization nozzles to ensure uniform droplet sizes.  It has multiple nozzles installed so that sticky substances can be easily handled.  Nozzles can be removed from service and cleaned while running.  The smaller lab scale spray dryer has both a centrifugal atomizer and a two phase nozzle.  Depending on the handling characteristics of your product, we will choose the right product introduction method.

ICM has a smaller scale steam tube dryer for use in the pilot facility.  The unit is built to the same specifications as ICM’s full scale commercial steam tube dryer.  It can be used to determine fouling tendencies of new products.​

  • ICM Design/Built Rotary Steam Tube Dryer

    • 1000 lb/hr evaporation capacity

    • Product recycle available

  • ​​Fluid Bed Dryer

    • PDU 200 lb/hr​​

  • Spray Dryer

    • 100 lb/hr pilot scale dryer

    • 1 lb/hr lab scale dryer​​

  • Steam Drum Dryer

    • Gouda 500 lb/hr drying of sticky/viscous substances​

  • Falling Film Evaporators

    • Triple effect

    • 6,000 lb/hr water evaporation​​

  • Double Effect Evaporator

    • 4000 lb/hr water evaporation ​​

  • Single Effect Evaporator

    • 1000 lb/hr water evaporation​

  • Pot Still/Evaporator

    • 10-50 gallon

    • Set up in configuration of your choice