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Anaerobic Fermentation

ICM has four 13,000 gallon anaerobic fermentors with CIP capability.  Each vessel is designed to accurately simulate a full scale ethanol batch, including the agitation and recirculation systems.  Feed dosing systems allow for all four fermentors to run in sequence or in parallel, giving you the ability to understand normal process variation or study effects of known variable differences like operation controls or raw material changes. 


A multitude of carbohydrate sources can be used to fill the fermentors, including fresh pilot scale corn mash or FST™ fermentation feed from the full scale ICM Biofuels, LLC. ethanol plant onsite.  In addition to normal process control data, the ICM anaerobic fermenters can measure off-gas using the pilot facility’s mass spectrometer; all data is collected in the DCS historian. 


Propagation of yeast can be accomplished via a multitude of yeast propagation options, from full axenic to active dry yeast (ADY), at a multitude of scales.​

  • Propagation from vial to ADY

  • Multiple corn/carbohydrate options

  • CIP/sanitary operations

  • Parallel fill system (up to 4 vessels)

    • Process stability

    • Variable analysis

  • Mass spectrometry analysis of off-gas

  • DCS historian

  • Accurate ethanol fermentation simulation to full scale