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Microbiology Capabilities

ICM’s microbiological capabilities support a broad range of fermentation based applications.  Support capabilities range from sterile aerobic to clean-in-place anaerobic fermentations.


ICM’s facilities and dedicated highly trained team supports generating reliable data for your process development needs.

Analytical Capabilities

ICM Technology Development’s Research Lab boasts a variety of analytical capabilities ranging from analysis to collaborative research.


Our experienced team along with state of the art instrumentation and analytical techniques combine to achieve powerful problem solving skills that can
be customized to specific needs.

Aerobic Fermentation

The aerobic fermentation systems at ICM have been used to scale-up processes from flask to finished broth using a bank of 30 gallon propagation vessels.


Up to any of the three 7000 gallon aerobic fermentors with full automation, off-gas measurement capacity and full CIP/SIP procedures in place to ensure full sterile operations with our skilled aerobic fermentation staff.


ICM’s Mission

Our mission is to provide innovative technologies, solutions and services to sustain agriculture and advance renewable energy, including food and feed technologies that will increase the supply of world protein.


Pilot, Lab and Demonstration Development Services

ICM provides customers and collaborators with access to state-of-the-art pilot plant equipment and highly trained personnel to enable efficient process development, evaluation and scale-up, as well as production campaigns. As part of that process, ICM also looks for project opportunities where ICM may be able to add additional value through investment and collaborations under joint development and commercialization agreements.


Why come to ICM? 


​ICM’s 35,000 sq.ft. pilot plant has a broad range of capabilities, including the ability to run fully integrated processes from feedstock handling to product recovery. You can save millions by contracting with ICM’s pilot plant and support lab to help move your research to commercial reality.


​Are you ready to begin scaling your process, produce quantities of product to develop your market, or want to improve the efficiency of your process? ICM’s world-class personnel and facilities stand ready to support your needs and bring value to your project.

Separations & Distillation

ICM pilot plant utilizes multiple types and sizes of separation equipment.  Flow paths can be customized to use the types and sizes of equipment best suited for your process. 


Equipment includes centrifuges, membrane filtration, and mechanical filtrations.

Drying & Evaporation

ICM has various scales of falling film evaporators and drying.  Flows can be customized to meet your evaporation and drying needs.

Anaerobic Fermentation

Four anaerobic fermentors equipped with agitation and recirculation combined with pH and temperature control allow for scale-up anaerobic fermentation studies to be conducted with statistical relevance. 


The vessels can be filled in parallel from various sources to reliably model known process variations or demonstrate process robustness.  Advanced process monitoring including mass spectrometry analysis of off-gas is available.


ICM can mill anything from corn and small grains all the way to energy crops and wood products. 


Whether you want to perform a dry fractionation of small grains or complete size reduction of energy crops. ICM has the capacity to reduce your material to the correct particle size.

Cellulose Pretreatment

ICMTD’s dilute acid/steam explosion pretreatment system has shown effective robust operations on multiple feedstocks.

Data Packages

Process scale-up is all about gathering the proper information.  ICM maintains processes and systems for getting that data into the hands of the people that need it. 

Flexibility and Versatility for Your Process Needs, Upstream to Downstream, Feedstock Receipt to Product Recovery and Shipping.


ICM offers a fully integrated fermentation and bioprocess pilot plant with ICM's established experts in ethanol plant engineering and design. Our highly trained lab and pilot plant staff provide customers with a wide range of process development options and services.

Customer information is treated with total confidentiality and our data packages are among the most complete in the industry. Bring your biotechnology process development challenges to us and experience the benefits ICM can provide for your project.



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